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Easy Shower Curtains

Making your own shower curtain gives you more decorating options than using a store-bought curtain. You can buy fabric on sale, of course, or you could use a sheet to match the bedding in the adjoining bedroom. You could use a tablecloth, or as we will talk about later, a twin sized quilt.

Most purchased shower curtains are 72 x 72. This allows some gathering on the rod, since most tub and shower enclosures are 60 inches. If you want to use decorator fabric, you will need two lengths plus turndowns. I usually do a double 3 inch hem and a double 2 ½ top, which would be around 83 inches. I usually like mine a little longer than 72 inches. So, it takes about 5 yards of fabric plus extra if there is a repeat.
It is easiest to make a seam down the middle of the curtain, but it looks better if you use one full width and then split the other width in half and sew to each side. Be sure to match the pattern so the seam isn’t visible. If you want to make it 72 inches wide, cut the curtain to 76 inches and put a double on e inch hem on each side. Turn under 2 ½ inches twice on the top and top stitch. Turn under 3 inches twice for the hem and top stitch or hem by hand.
Now you are ready for the grommets. Shower curtains have 12 grommets. The easiest way is to use another curtain or the vinyl liner to mark your holes. If you have a different width, you will just put a grommet on each side at the top just a little in from the edge. Then measure between the two and divide that by 11. You will have eleven spaces. If it isn’t perfectly divisible, fudge a little. You can buy the grommets at any fabric store. Just put them in according to the directions. Now you can buy the big grommets that weave onto the shower rod. You would need extra width for those, probably at least 90 inches wide. You would need a hookless liner. I haven’t done one of these yet, but am looking forward to it.
I just made a shower curtain out of twin-sized quilt. You can find these for a steal sometimes. It was 68 inches wide. I just measured how long I wanted it and added 2 ½ inches. I made sure it was as square as possible and marked it. I cut it off using the serger. I turned down the 2 ½ inches and topstitched. It worked out perfectly to put a grommet 1 inch in from each side and then the spaces were 6 inches apart. With a quilt, it is already bound, so there was no need for side or bottom hems. It was so easy and is really cute.
Try making your own shower curtain. They are easy, fun to do, and give you endless options for decorating.
Special thanks to Jan for sharing these instructions!
Thanks to Kimba of A Soft Place to Land for hosting DIY Day

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